PSA Application

There are two types of memberships within Pi Sigma Alpha:

Full Member:
Full Members are those who have completed the academic requirements in order to be a part of Pi Sigma Alpha. Once inducted, full members are lifetime members of Pi Sigma Alpha.

Future Member:
Future Members are for those who have not yet completed the academic requirements (sophomores, transfer students) but who would like to receive communication about events, and get-togethers.  Future members do not pay dues, have voting rights, or have actual membership with the national organization.


Academic Qualifications:

Due to the fact that Pi Sigma Alpha is a Honor Society, there is an academic qualifications.
1. Completion of at least three (3) political science courses, at least one of which must be at the 3000 level or higher.  POLS 1336 and POLS 1337 do not count toward this requirement.
2. Maintain an overall 3.3 GPA in all political science courses
3. Maintain an overall 3.3 GPA at the University of Houston


1. The membership application can be picked up at the Political Science Offices (PGH 447), downloaded off website,   or personally emailed to upon request.
2. Attach UNOFFICIAL transcript to application. There is no need to purchase an official transcript, unofficial is fine.
*It is also relevant to know that transcripts are only seen by organization and political science advisers. No student leaders are responsible for overlooking transcripts.*


Full Membership: One-time fee of $75 which includes Graduation Cords upon graduation date.

Future Membership: No fee

Payments can be made in cash or check made out to: UH Pi Sigma Alpha

Download and complete application below:

Membership Application



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