PSA First General Meeting; 9/24/13

PSA First General Meeting

When: Tuesday, September 24th

Where: McElhinney Hall Rm. M106

Susan_ScarrowGuest Speaker: Dr. Susan Scarrow
Topic: Graduate School

Susan Scarrow is the Chair of the Department of Political Science. Her teaching and scholarship focus primarily on issues of representation and political participation in parliamentary democracies, including political party development, comparative political finance, and the spread of direct democracy. Her current projects include the establishment of a comparative Political Party Database. She is also completing a book for Oxford University Press on the evolution of party membership in parliamentary democracy.


– Please join us for discussions on graduate school and political science affairs.

– PSA meetings are open to all students and staff of all majors.


– If you are interested in becoming a PSA member or learning more about our organization, please keep in mind our general meetings are the perfect opportunity to come and see what our organization is all about! Information and applications can be picked up at every meeting, and dues can be paid throughout the semester.



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