PSA Induction & End-of-year Banquet

Pi Sigma Alpha hosted our end-of-the-year banquet as well as formal induction on April 26,2013 at 6:30pm at the Alumni Center on campus.

We took this opportunity to formally induct all full and affiliate members, as well as recognize honorary members and officers. We also had the pleasure of hearing from professors and staff on campus on the background and insight as to where Political Science has taken them and where Political Science can take us.

Special thanks to Professor Sutter, Dr. Thurmond, Dr. Scarrow, and Student Body President Cedric Bandoh for being our guest speakers, and, as always, a special thanks to our adviser and friend Dr. Christina Hughes who is always there to support us!

We would also like to congratulate Political Science students for their Honor Society status, as well as members and officers who graduate this May, going off to new and exciting experiences.

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