Harris County Courthouse Tour

Pi Sigma Alpha will be taking a  personal tour of the Harris County Civil and Criminal Courthouse on March 8th, from 8:30am – 1:30pm. Sign up is required!

The tour consisted of court room visits including, family, criminal and civil court proceedings, as well as a private tour of the judge’s chambers with Judge Schafer (Civil 152nd Courtroom) and Judge Krocker (Criminal 184th Courtroom). As well as discussions with current Assistant District Attorneys, including UH Alum ADA Houlton.

59701_348892401879446_1589187915_n 59750_348893151879371_1010987273_n 62737_348891875212832_1174120082_n 69244_348896501879036_2032938013_n 71952_348892291879457_2047665533_n 188968_348892651879421_138412756_n 313351_348896115212408_1817443340_n 380377_348892535212766_1315047492_n 482800_348893791879307_146765239_n 484219_348892118546141_810834508_n 549809_348896121879074_1653052092_n 580717_348892058546147_1547458763_n 601551_348893425212677_209975815_n 734036_348893351879351_2093834668_n



Not only was this an awesome, amazing opportunity to see what courtroom experience is really like, but Nick Brown and Sepi Tabrizi got an amazing opportunity to intern with Judge Jan Krocker.

You never know what opportunities lie ahead!

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